Winston-Salem Chapter Membership Dues
Your local dues for the Winston-Salem Alumni Chapter cover: August to June of the existing year (2022-2023).

$35.00 is the Local dues.

PO Box 30275,
Winston-Salem, NC 27130


You may pay both by mail or Cashapp

 *** Reminder .. All Officers have to pay Local and National  ***

National Dues
The National Membership Dues for the North Carolina Central University Alumni Association, Inc. (NCCUAA) are $50 per year. National dues are valid 12 months from date of payment.

Lifetime Dues
Lifetime membership dues are $1,000. Dues can be paid in installments over a two year period.

Attention: Current Year Graduates
Our chapter is following the National Alumni Association’s policy by waiving the local dues the first year to encourage local alumni membership. Please complete and submit the membership form.

Complete the membership form below mail your dues to the address listed below. If additional information is needed, please contact President Street-Hoover at